Invisalign vs Braces

Invisalign vs Braces


Invisalign vs. Braces

Invisalign and traditional braces were both introduced for the purpose of straightening teeth. They help both to enhance your smile and to improve overall oral health. Traditional metal braces have existed for a long time and are established as the conventional method of straightening teeth, whereas Invisalign is relatively new. Despite being a newer treatment, however, Invisalign has become increasingly popular amongst orthodontists and people who feel the need to fix their teeth.

Here are a few ways in which Invisalign can prove to be a better solution compared to traditional fixed braces:

The Invisible Way

As many of you will know, traditional braces consist of metal brackets tied together by wires and glued to your teeth. These metal brackets tend to be very prominent on your teeth, especially as it’s so difficult to hide them when you smile or even talk! Invisalign however is designed to appear invisible on your teeth. This is accomplished by using a smooth, comfortable BPA-free clear plastic which fits unobtrusively over your teeth. With the advanced technology now available to orthodontists, a 3-D image of your teeth is created by using pictures, X-rays and impressions in order to create a perfect tailor-made aligner tray specifically for your teeth.

Accordingly, people who are concerned about the effect traditional braces have on their smile and don’t want to be seen with metal glued to their teeth can opt for the tailored Invisalign aligner tray instead. If you are the type of person who can be self-conscious, Invisalign could well prove to be the perfect solution for you.

Invisalign is Removable

Once you have decided to go for traditional metal fixed braces, you will be stuck with them 24/7 for at least 2 years and unable to remove them during meal times and brushing. Since you can’t remove them, you might also notice some discolouration when the braces finally come off. Invisalign, on the other hand, is removable and lets you eat, brush and floss according to your daily routine. It is important however, that you put it back on after you have finished eating or brushing. Also brushing after every meal is advised in order to avoid staining of the teeth.

No Discomfort due to Wires

Traditional braces tend to be quite painful and can cause severe discomfort in many cases due to the metal wiring and elastic bands used. Food gets stuck in the brackets and wires and you might face difficulty while consuming sticky or hard foods. Invisalign helps you avoid all such problems and helps you eat in comfort. There’s no fear of food getting stuck in your braces, as you can remove the aligner tray before meals. Invisalign is thus generally a much more comfortable and, even more importantly, significantly less painful, solution.

The success of Invisalign ultimately depends on you, as it will be your responsibility to clean it and ensure that you put it back on as soon as practically feasible after removal. If you don’t, the treatment will take much longer. Moreover, more complex dental issues can only be treated with a fixed metal brace and it is therefore advisable to consult an orthodontist first to see what the best option for you would be.