Pain-Free Cavity Solution for Tooth Decay

Pain-Free Cavity Solution for Tooth Decay

Pain-Free Cavity Solutio for Tooth Decay

Pain Free Dentist WalsallMany people dread going to the dentist because they fear the pain that may be involved if they have cavities. This can lead to unnecessary suffering and can create bigger problems than a simple cavity. Left untreated, cavities can eventually cause more severe infections and require even more invasive dental procedures. However, a new form of treatment has been discovered that does not require any type of drilling or filling in order to heal the decaying tooth.

Pain-Free is Possible

Instead of using a traditional filling material, this process actually helps the tooth naturally rebuild. It is commonly referred to as an EAER, or electrically accelerated and enhanced remineralisation. It requires two steps, the first to prepare the decaying enamel and the second uses electric stimulation to help push minerals through the site to be repaired. The stimulation used is very small and virtually undetectable to the patient. There isn’t even a need to pre-treat the patient with injections to numb the area, which is sometimes the most dreaded part of getting a filling. The other commonly feared part of a filling is the drilling that is required to remove the decayed part of the tooth is also eliminated.

The creator of this method, Professor Nigel Pitts from King’s College in London, believes current methods of cavity repair are all ultimately failures because it requires an endless process of drilling, filling, then later refilling the tooth because the repairs are not permanent repairs[1]. The same process can also be used as an effective way to whiten teeth without experiencing the pain and irritation sometimes caused by harsher methods such as peroxide and bleach.

Reverse Decay, Don’t Repair It

EAER treatments are revolutionary because they do not require man-made materials to be adhered to the tooth to repair the damaged area. Instead, the treatment actually helps reverse the decay process and encourages a natural repair process that allows the tooth to fill in the damaged area with minerals and calcium deposits[2].

The decay process begins when minerals begin leaving the tooth, often going unnoticed until it progresses into painful tooth decay. This new treatment simply speeds up the process of minerals entering the tooth to encourage recovery and prevent more mineral loss and enamel weakening that causes cavities.

Cost Concerns

Upon hearing about this new, pain-free cavity treatment, many people immediately believe the treatment will be more expensive than traditional methods. The good news is that it is expected to be in-line with current methods in terms of cost to both the patient and the dentist. Research and product development is currently underway in Scotland[3] and it is believed the technology should be available by 2018, although no firm dates have been set to release it to the public.


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